Zoltar’s Fantasy Fortunes, Your Wish Has Been Granted


You are a curious person. A lonely tent in the middle of the fair, kind of dark but with just enough of an opening at the front to warrant further investigation. You approach the tent slowly munching on your fried Snickers bar. The sign out front says “Zoltar” and you remember back to your childhood. The movie ‘BIG’ had a fortune-teller with the same name that could grant wishes. And you just so happen to be drafting that night, in your BIG money league no less, and want to go in with some extra help. It can’t hurt, right?« Continue »

2014 Season Preview: AFC East


The time has come … the start is near … we have reached the beginning of the regular season in the NFL.  But, before we get to the first game on Thursday, there are still some storylines to discuss and predictions to be made.  In this season preview, I will breakdown the players to watch […]