Week 13 Fantasy Football Recap - The GOOD, The BAD, The UGLY

Week 13 Fantasy Football Recap – The GOOD, The BAD, The UGLY

Ahhh, week 13 of the Fantasy Season is almost done and I’m regretting not moving DeMarco Murray up on our running back rankings. Word out of Dallas was that he would be limited in the game but that is not the case. He looks good and is easily making the Cowboys offense look balanced again. Even more telling, it shows us really how bad Felix Jones is. He’s really bad. And how about that Bryce Brown? He is turning into a revelation. One week gets you a pat on the back and a thank you sir, but two weeks in a row, against a team not named the Panthers, that gets you extra playing time when McCoy does make it back.

A lot can be said about what happened in Kansas City this weekend but most of all, try to remember that these guys we love to watch and think are more than human, are just that, human. They are regular people with jobs, families and problems. We can often take them for granted, especially when talking about fantasy football but always remember that they are just people in the end. And make no mistake, I know that. And when I rip a player for doing terrible one week, it’s not a shot at their character, it’s a pure shot at how they performed in the game, the job that’s on display for the world to see and analyze.

I hope you all had a great week 13 and may I see you in the playoffs!

With that said, let’s move-on to the FFLockerRoom’s Week 13 Fantasy Football Recap – The GOOD, The BAD, The UGLY!



• You know who gets a pat-on-the-back? Me. The Fantasy Football Junkie, that’s who. After this week I will be in or have solid footing in 4 of 5 fantasy leagues. And the other one, I still have an outside chance at still making that one if things go my way Monday Night! In three of the five leagues, I will finish 1st or 2nd during the regular season and get bye weeks for 2 of them. It’s good to be the Junkie.

• I knew there was a reason that I wanted Adrian Peterson this year. I managed to get him in 2 of the 3 drafts I was in that didn’t have keepers but that’s enough. I’m pretty sure that I’ve said it before but, HE IS A MAN. The NFL’s leading rusher finished with 210 yards rushing and a score. Making him #1 among running backs heading into the Sunday night game.

• I never thought this name would make the GOOD list but Brady Quinn deserves it this week. Quinn played a great game for the Chiefs, maybe when they needed it the most. Brady finished with quarterback rating of 132.1, and was easily his best game in the NFL.

• Even though he drove a knife into my heart, and even though he threw 3 interceptions, Andrew Luck deserves to be here. He is so good. His 391 yards and 4 TD’s helped Luck equal his highest point total of the year for fantasy.

• Madden Curse what? Megatron scoffs at the notion. For the fourth week in a row he topped 140 yards with a score. He is a super nova shining bright in the Motor City. Just wish these amazing performances translated into W’s.

• Welcome back Cam Newton. Last week it was against the Eagles, so we can say it was just one week but now it’s two weeks in a row that he’s put up big. His owners are likely not in the playoffs but if they are, they might have just found the hot-hand to make a championship run…

• In fantasy, we do love those garbage time stats and the biggest winner of week 13 was Brandon Myers. This PPR stud ended the week as the #1 TE totaling 130 yards on 14 receptions with a TD. It’s safe to say I should have started him over Antonio Gates… never again Gates. Never AGAIN!

• Coming into the game versus the Seahawks, I thought for sure they would find a way to limit Brandon Marshall. Boy was I wrong. Luckily for us, Brandon Berg ranked him fifth overall this week and ignoring some of the analysts. He finished with 10 catches for 165 yards.

• Speaking of receivers with big games, these other guys had great week 13’s as well. Demaryius Thomas, Steve Smith, Donnie Avery, Dez Bryant, Josh Gordon, Wes Welker, Danario Alexander, Chris Givens and Sidney Rice all performed well for their fantasy owners.

• A big reason the Steelers beat the Ravens on Sunday had to do with Pittsburgh favorite Heath Miller. He is currently the #2, catching 5 balls for 97 yards and a TD.

• And speaking of that great Steelers Ravens game, the reaction Charlie Batch had at the end of the game made me choke up. I have followed Batch’s career for a long time as he played for the Lions a decade ago but his reaction was pure bliss. You could tell he struggled this week with everyone saying he couldn’t do it, especially in Baltimore. But you know what, Charlie Batch has been one of the best backups in the league for the past 8 years and can do it. Now, everyone can shut up about it. Nice job Charlie.

• What is it about the 49ers and the Rams? Is this the best new rivalry in the NFL. How can the Rams get blown out by the Jets in one week and go 1-0-1 against one of the better teams in the NFL? The Rams defense finished with 16 points in standard leagues, good for 2nd best, just behind the Texans.

• It wasn’t enough to get the win but it wasn’t Jason Hanson’s fault, he only went 4 for 4 with 3 extra points. Good enough for 18 points and could have easily put his owners over the edge this week.



• Even though the Falcons won the game, Matt Ryan did little to help the fantasy community. He was so vanilla, it caused all of the other great fantasy options to be vanilla as well. Julio Jones and Roddy White were both terrible for their owners and it probably caused for some teams to miss the playoffs. Just goes to show, even with a great matchup, it does not matter.

• Philip Rivers would just like to forget that 2012 is even happening. He threw for 280 yards but couldn’t manage a TD and had two turnovers. Maybe a new coach will help this once reliable fantasy option regain form in 2013.

• In fantasy it’s all about timing, and Doug Martin owners had been flying high for the past 7 weeks while Muscle Hamster threw up double-digit scores, but in week 13 he could only muster 9 points. Not terrible, but not good either.

• And speaking of guys on a roll, Chris Johnson had a string of 6 double-digit games in a row that came to a halt versus the Texans. He fumbled once and could only gain 71 total yards. I had traded away CJ for Jamaal Charles 5 weeks ago, and it finally paid off…

• Reggie Wayne owners have been running wild since the beginning of the year, especially in PPR leagues, but this was the first time he had caught less than 5 balls and he finished with just 51 yards.

• For only the third time all year, AJ Green didn’t get 10+ points. It was a tough week for some big wide receiver names, hopefully you escaped with a win!



• Can you remember way up top when I said it’s good to be the Junkie? Yeah, well now I want to tell you why it’s not good to be a Lions fan. BAAAAAJEEEEEEZZZUUUUUUUSSSSSSSSSSSS! That’s the word I want to describe how I felt when the Lions lost at the last possible moment to the Colts. That and the barf that came up. On the flip-side, Andrew Luck is phenomenal. It doesn’t matter how many picks he threw, that guy kept coming and that team didn’t give up. Nice win Colts. Nice win.

• Can we all finally put to rest this charade that Mark Sanchez is a good NFL quarterback? Wow, what a terrible performance. His stats read 10/21 for 97 yards and 3 INT’s. Greg McElroy came in relief to win the game. I’m thinking Mark is done in New York. The only question left, will Tebow see the field if healthy in week 14?

• On Thursday night, Drew Brees threw 5 picks in the loss versus the Falcons. Five. Brees owners counting on a big game to help them get into the playoffs finally got around to cleaning themselves up after that one.

• Oh Vernon Davis, how you make fantasy owners loathe you, let me count the ways. How about the number 1? That’s how many points you totaled this week. How about the number 7? That’s how many games you have totaled less than 4 points this season. Oh, it’s very ugly.

• The Bears D should have had a good matchup at home against a team that has struggled on the road this season but the Seahawks did not. They played very well and caused the Bears to finish with -1 pts for week 13.

• Here is a list of receivers that finished with 3 or fewer points in standard leagues, Larry Fitzgerald, Jeremy Maclin, Torrey Smith, Denarius Moore, Roddy White, Brandon Lloyd, Jordy Nelson and Eric Decker. I did say it was a tough week for big receiver names didn’t I?

Well, hopefully you made it through week 13 with the playoffs in sight. And if not, there is always next year. BUT, make sure you start with us here at the FFLockerRoom in 2013. We are here to answer your questions and we will be going strong during the off-season to keep those rankings up to date!



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