Fantasy Football News - LeSean McCoy Ready To Start Week 16

Fantasy Football News – LeSean McCoy Ready To Start Week 16

Fantasy Football News – Philadelphia Eagles Head coach Andy Reid has already stated that LeSean McCoy will start in their week 16 matchup versus the Washington Redskins. Coach Reid had this to say about Shady coming back and what his time on the field might look like, “It won’t be a normal workload like you’d see during the season when he’s fresh. He’s coming off an injury. I understand that so I’ll keep a close eye on him. But he’ll work in as a starter and then [Bryce Brown] has some valuable experience that he’s gained over the last few weeks so we’ll get him in there. Dion [Lewis], he’ll be up too so he’ll have a chance if we need him there.” McCoy has missed the previous four games due to a concussion.

FFLockerRoom Take – You know who this is good news for? Bryce Brown owners still playing for something. This automatically makes Brown a non-starter in my opinion. LeSean will be in the top 20 somewhere despite what Andy Reid says. We have heard from coaches before hand that they would limit the players touches coming back, but we all know that only happens about half the time. I have no doubt that Andy Reid really does think that, but in a divisional game, he wants to win. And Brown has been absolutely terrible, fumbling at the worst moments. LeSean is a welcome site for the Eagles fans and should be a big factor. It’s not like he’s coming back from an ankle/leg injury. He’s been cleared by team and independent doctors and is probably itching to get back out on the field. I may even move him into the top 15! Who knows… maybe top 10 by Friday. I might be talking myself into it…



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