Fantasy Football News - Michael Turner to be Released

Fantasy Football News – Michael Turner to be Released

Fantasy Football News – According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, the Atlanta Falcons will release veteran running back Michael Turner. The Burner was due 6.9 million dollars this upcoming season, and with his play regressing rapidly over the past couple of seasons, this doesn’t come as a shock.

FFLockerRoom Take – While Turner has seen his numbers and speed decline in recent years, he’s still a producing fantasy running back. As much as I don’t like to own the guy (He’s been on my personal do not draft list for the past two years), he has scored double-digit touchdowns in 5 straight years and finished the 2012/13 season as the 17th best RB in standard scoring formats. I guess what I’m trying to say is, the guy still has some fantasy value. The question will be, which team wants an aging RB that can still pound it on the goal line occasionally?

My early guess is the Patriots… It’s just what they do.

Another shot in the dark, throw out to the interwebs came from Kevin Acee. He speculates that a reunion with his former club isn’t out of the question. With all of the problems the Chargers had in 2012 with their running backs staying healthy, maybe Turner could come back in a backup role. And he could most certainly carry the load for that stretch of games that Ryan Mathews is most certainly going to miss.

One thing to consider going into next season, no matter where ends up. Please dump him after the first five games. Last season he started off on fire going over double-digit points in 4 of his first 5 starts. Then went over 10 only four more times the rest of the year. He also started on fire in 2011 going over 10 in his first eight games. Then his owners died in the playoffs as Turner failed them. If you draft him with the mindset of dumping him early, I’m ok with that.

I’m OK with that.



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