Fantasy Football Player Profile - Arian Foster, RB

Fantasy Football Player Profile – Arian Foster, RB

Arian Foster, RB, Houston Texans

Player Profile

Height/Weight: 6-1/228

Birthdate: 8/24/1986

School: Tennessee


Outside of one running back, Adrian Peterson, there was not another running back more consistent for the entire year than Arian Foster. There was some speculation heading into the season that Ben Tate, the NFL’s best second man, would vulture some work but he had his own issues and that never came to fruition.

Arian went on to rack up double-digit points in 14 games played. That’s one more than Peterson.

You should feel very safe drafting Foster heading into the 2013 year. Don’t be alarmed if you see some news about a possible heart condition. He was rumored to be possibly having surgery to fix it but has since denied any notion of doing so. It’s something that he’s lived with since he was 12 and is not life-threatening. If Foster isn’t worried, neither am I.

The only thing I would feel leery about is Ben Tate coming back full strength. The Texans will probably want to slow down the amount of carries going to Foster as he lead the NFL in totes this past season. But don’t let that change your pick. Most teams are giving their respective work horses less “work”.

(Updated 2/21/13)



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