Fantasy Football Player Profile - Doug Martin, RB

Fantasy Football Player Profile – Doug Martin, RB

Doug Martin, RB, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Player Profile

Height/Weight: 5-9/215

Birthdate: 1/13/1989

School: Boise State


Many thought that going into the 2012 season that Doug Martin had a great shot at being the best rookie running back, and we were right. He came into a great situation with the Bucs needing speed at the position and Tampa Bay had just signed a big-time wide receiver in Vincent Jackson. This allowed Martin to play against honest defenses much of the year. And even then you always have to be careful drafting a rookie RB, more often than not, he will disappoint you. I’m looking at you Ryan Mathews.

But, after all was said and played, Doug “Muscle Hamster” Martin ended the year as the third best back in standard leagues. His scoring, while phenomenal for a rookie, was a bit skewed from a preposterous 83 points in weeks 8 and 9. That 83 points accounted for an absurd 33% of his total. It also didn’t help that Josh Freeman regressed a bit in the second half of the year and defenses started playing him a little bit tighter. All that aside, the sky is the limit for Martin. I would be a little cautious drafting him ahead of veterans like Ray Rice, LeSean McCoy and Marshawn Lynch but someone will. And they might hit the jackpot.

It’s also worth noting the Bucs lost two key offensive lineman early last season and many Martin owners got scared, but the Hamster kept chugging along as if nothing happened. Kind of reminds me of Barry Sanders, it just didn’t matter who was blocking. But remember I said “kind of,” lets not get carried away.

My question to you is where would you rank him heading into the 2013 season? Currently he’s at #5 on our Preseason Running Back Rankings list.

(Updated 2/24/13)



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