Fantasy Football Player Profile - LeSean McCoy, RB

Fantasy Football Player Profile – LeSean McCoy, RB

LeSean McCoy, RB, Philadelphia Eagles

Player Profile

Height/Weight: 5-11/208

Birthdate: 6/12/1988

School: Pittsburgh


There will be a lot of uncertainty when it comes to drafting LeSean McCoy in 2013. We all know that new Eagles head coach Chip Kelly likes to run the ball and will create a dynamic platform for Shady to showcase his talents but the question will be how much time with the ball will McCoy get? I could see a scenario where LeSean is on the field for about 60% of the plays. If that ends up being the case, I say draft away! In Chip Kelly’s probable offensive scheme, the Eagles will be running on a much more frequent basis compared to Andy Reid’s offensive strategy of throwing on 90% of the downs (exaggeration, but you get the point). And don’t be afraid of the Eagles new-found talent in Bryce Brown. He should keep LeSean in tip-top form and will give the Eagles a nice option to spell Shady. If Kelly’s offense is half as fun to watch as it was in Oregon, the Eagles fans are in for a treat. But will it translate well to the NFL, we will soon find out.

One thing is for certain, drafting McCoy means you will most likely have to use a pick on Brown to secure the rights to that backfield all to yourself. So that does take away some of your sleeper picks for later rounds.

(Updated 2/25/13)



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