Fantasy Football Player Profile - Ryan Fitzpatrick, QB

Fantasy Football Player Profile – Ryan Fitzpatrick, QB

Ryan Fitzpatrick, QB, Tennessee Titans

Player Profile

Height/Weight: 6-2/225

Birthdate: 11/24/1982

School: Harvard


Normally it is pretty easy to look at someone’s previous season and say something inspirational to at least show some respect or hope, but in the canse of Ryan Fitzpatrick, that is very hard to do. Now before I being, let’s not lose sight in the fact that the Buffalo Bills are a run first team. But there are times that they don’t run the ball and all they need is Fitzpatrick to do is not kill them, and it seems as if he is incapable of doing that many times.

Some ugly numbers include Fitzpatrick only passing for 2 games over 247 yards. That’s right folks, 2. And while he tossed 2 or more touchdowns the first four games of the year, he only accomplished that feat 3 out of his last 12 games. Now let’s get uglier.

If we knock off the first four weeks, he only had 1 game over 247 yards and three games where he tossed at least 2 touchdowns. Averaged out, that is a game of over 247 yards in only 8% of his final 12 games and at least two touchdowns in 25% of his games. Brutal numbers.

This year looks to be no different as he is going to have some stiff competition in camp with… now don’t laugh… Tavaris Jackson. While the competition pool could get larger via the NFL Draft, free-agency after the NFL Draft or just a veteran free agent who has been residing as another teams QB2 for several years. Fitzpatrick should still continue to hold onto the job.

That doesn’t mean we are giving you the green light to draft Fitzpatrick as a low-end QB2 in hopes that he has a successful season. That couldn’t be farther from the truth. The fact is that he has the odds stacked against him and there are simply too many other quarterbacks out there that have a much better upside for you to build your QB depth in next year’s fantasy draft. Stay clear of Fitzpatrick and any of his cohorts this fall.

(Updated 2/24/13)


Ryan has now signed a contract with the Tennessee Titans to be the backup to Jake Locker. And while we don’t suspect Jake Locker to lose his job, having a former starter who isn’t nearly as old as Hasselbeck would make me nervous. I’m sure Jake is looking over his shoulder a bit. (3/18/13)

Ryan Fitzpatrick was let go by the Buffalo Bills. No further information is at hand. (3/12/13)

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