Fantasy Football Player Profiles - Calvin Johnson, WR |

Fantasy Football Player Profiles – Calvin Johnson, WR

Calvin Johnson, WR, Detroit Lions

Player Profile

Height/Weight: 6-5/236

Birthdate: 9/29/1985

School: Georgia Tech


Alright, so Calvin Johnson is a freak of nature, that much should be clear to everyone and their dog by now. The Man, we’ll refer to him by that for now, hauled in 122 balls for 1964 yards. Any time the amount of yards you hauled in almost equates your birth year, you know it’s very impressive. Heck, this was even in, what some like to say, a down year, thanks to his lack of touchdowns. Which indeed was the only low spot for this season; he caught only 5 touchdowns.

The Man is the best receiver in the game right now and very possibly could go down as one of the best to ever play the game. I’d like to say this goes to prove my point that regardless of who throws a receiver the ball, the best players will get their yards, but Stafford has nearly thrown for 5000 yards in two straight seasons, so you can’t really say he isn’t an effective QB. The part where he struggled was putting the ball in the end zone. Which also is something I wouldn’t worry about in the future, The Man is going to get is TD receptions. It is written in the laws of football.

Want to know something else amazing about The Man? Pointed out by Rotoworld, 1428 of The Man’s 1964 yards came against defenses that were using six or fewer defenders in the box. That’s just utterly remarkable.

The Man should be the top receiver off the board in any draft. He catches a ton of balls for a ton of yards and likely will have a ton of touchdowns in the future. Oh, and don’t expect a let down in 2013, the laws of football and The Man, won’t allow that to happen.



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