Fantasy Football Player Profile - Maurice Jones-Drew, RB
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Fantasy Football Player Profile – Maurice Jones-Drew, RB


Maurice Jones-Drew, RB, Jacksonville Jaguars

Player Profile

Height/Weight: 5-7/220

Birthdate: 3/23/1985

School: UCLA


We can write off 2012 as a colossal mistake for MJD. Many will point to the holdout as the reason for the injury but I don’t believe it. He actually started out the season really well and was on pace to finish the year with his best YPC since his 2006. And for Maurice, a fantasy football player himself, he knows that 2013 will be his redemption year. At least I really hope so. Jones-Drew has been one of my favorite players in the NFL for the past 5 years both because of his production on the field and for also his love of fantasy football. He’s also been the cornerstone of my franchise in a 16 team keeper league. The big question is, should I keep him again this season? You can let me know in the comments!

As for 2013 and should you employ him on your fantasy team? I’m hesitant. For one, he is coming back from surgery to fix a mid-foot fracture (Maybe our resident PT Ziad can fill us in about that), and two, he is going to be playing in a new system. That system, being brought over by new offensive coordinator Jedd Fisch, will install a zone-blocking scheme. The same scheme used by über successful running games found in Houston and Washington. But also the same scheme that failed terribly last season in Oakland. It takes the right type of, really fast offensive lineman to make work perfectly and the Jaguars don’t necessarily have the right pieces yet. If they can find the right players in the draft, MJD could find himself having a really nice comeback year.

I believe that no matter who is blocking that MJD will find a way to succeed. He’s that good. Remember in 2011 when the Jaguars ran the entire offense through Maurice… and everyone knew it was coming… well it didn’t matter. He found a way.

(Updated 2/27/13)


MJD has still not been cleared to participate in offseason workouts and doesn’t look like a good bet to show up to Jaguars mini camps starting in a few weeks. He was cleared to do some light jogging though about a week ago. Most people keeping up with Jones-Drew are dynasty owners. They need to know whether he will be worth a spot heading into 2013, and the verdict is still out. (4/8/13)

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