Fantasy Football Player Profile: Demaryius Thomas, WR |

Fantasy Football Player Profile: Demaryius Thomas, WR

Demaryius Thomas, WR, Denver Broncos

Player Profile

Height/Weight: 6-3/229

Birthdate: 12/25/1987

School: Georgia Tech


Demaryius Thomas wasn’t supposed to be this good. Yeah, Peyton Manning was coming in, but he was supposed to litter Eric Decker with balls, which… he well, did. However, it was Thomas who had the All-Pro caliber season, even though his mate across the way, Decker, still had a great season, amassing over 1000 yards and becoming a great possession receiver for Denver. Thomas, though, ended up with a whopping 1434 yards on 94 catches with 10 touchdowns. Perhaps the biggest reason for his breakout campaign? His patented catch and run ability, which we saw a couple years ago in the playoffs as well as all of last season.

Manning loves to have a receiver that can be exactly where he wants him to be at the right time and Thomas clearly has been that guy. It seems cliche, but Manning is probably the best thing to ever happen to Thomas. Last year, we saw his route running improve quite dramatically and his instincts as far as using his body against defenders and positioning himself also vastly improved.

Thomas finished 5th last year among wide receivers in points scored and, honestly, he can do it again. People may scoff at the notion, I, as well as some others, believe Manning’s arm will be stronger in 2013 as the nerves regenerate more and he gains some zip on his throws. He clearly was hampered last year by a lack of arm strength and the number of ducks he threw. Luckily, what he lacked in ability last year, he made up for in football IQ.

Thomas likely will be in my top five for wide receivers as training camp and the preseason nears. He clearly has the ability to replicate this season as well as the talent around him. It’s very difficult to double cover him and leave multiple other targets the Broncos have open.



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