Fantasy Football Player Profile - Michael Vick, QB

Fantasy Football Player Profile – Michael Vick, QB

Michael Vick, QB, Philadelphia Eagles

Player Profile

Height/Weight: 6-0/215

Birthdate:  6/26/1980

School: Virginia Tech


Before you start believing all of the hype that Philadelphia Eagles running back LeSean McCoy is spewing about veteran Michael Vick, you really have to take a look at the real numbers.

Vick has not started at least 15 games since 2006 and has missed an average of 4.25 games a season for the past four years. For a quarterback entering his mid-30’s, that is not news to the fantasy player’s ears.

Now I am not saying that former Eagles head coach Andy Reid knew what he was doing, but it sure did seem that Philadelphia had been trying to replace Vick for a while now.

In what is already turning into being mediocre numbers, Vick obtains nearly a quarter of all of his fantasy stats by running the ball. While that is great if you are a young cat, Vick is becoming more and more frail and being nailed in the open field is something the Eagles will want to protect him from. So as his age escalates, look for his rushing stats and opportunities to decline.

Vick is still a very serviceable fantasy football quarterback though if properly utilized. If you participate in a deeper league, drafting Vick to be your QB2 could pay off favorably, taking into account of course that he didn’t cost you more than a QB2 price range, mid-way through your draft.

Unfortunately though, in many leagues Vick will go above that market price as his fantastic 2010 season in which he combined for almost 3,700 all-purpose yards and 30 touchdowns in just 12 games seems like a recent rather than a distant memory. Don’t fall prey to that thinking though.

The truth is Vick has never been very durable, plays a style of football that makes him susceptible to injuries and with his aging frame, it is just a matter of time before he is shelved for an extended period. But if you can live with about 3,500 total yards and 24 touchdowns from your QB2, while having him available for only 75% of the time, he can pay off well. Backing up a very solid, but unspectacular QB1 with Vick could allow you to play the matchups and allow for you to strategically own a very solid QB1 during most weeks of the 2013 season. But remember, there are a lot of ifs involved.

(Updated 3/04/13)



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