Fantasy Football Player Profile - Steven Jackson, RB

Fantasy Football Player Profile – Steven Jackson, RB

Steven Jackson, RB, Atlanta Falcons

Player Profile

Height/Weight: 6-2/240

Birthdate: 7/22/1983

School: Oregon State


Let me just start off by saying that Steven Jackson is the type of player that every team would love to have… had when he was a tad bit younger. Now, almost thirty, with many, many miles put on those tires, he’s looking for a shot at glory. No, not the glory you find in Alaska searching for gold like on that addicting show Gold Rush. But the kind of glory you can only get if you win a Super Bowl. Steven has recently voided his contract with the St. Louis Rams and is now looking for a new home. He will not go to just anybody, so he should be in a good position to have at least one or two more decent fantasy seasons. And if he goes to the right team, he has a nice shot at being a very good running back option right now.

In fact, the latest news from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution is saying that the Falcons main priority once free agency begins, is trying to sign Steven Jackson. That is because the Falcons are about to let go long-time back, Michael Turner. Steven Jackson is an upgrade for sure over Turner, but he’s still run a lot in the past few years. That should give any potential drafter pause. But don’t fret, the Falcons would be a great fit for Jackson, especially in fantasy and not in just real NFL terms. The Falcons like to run. The Falcons also have a good run blocking offensive line. And the Falcons have an elite aerial attack. All of these factors would make any running back jump for joy.

The one thing to watch early in the preseason is how any team, especially the Falcons use him on passing situations. They traditionally like to bring in Jacquizz Rodgers on third and passing downs but Steven can do it all. He’s been a very good pass catching back for as long as he’s been in the league. If the Falcons were to elect to have him just be the primary runner, this might hurt his draft position. But don’t let it. To counteract the lack of touches he might get through the air, he’ll make up for it with touchdowns. He’s never been much of a TD threat, but in Atlanta that would change. Remember, Turner scored double-digit touchdown totals in each of his last five seasons.

(Updated 3/2/13)


With Steven Jackson signing a contract with the Atlanta Falcons, this moves him way up on our rankings. He now becomes at least a solid top 15 RB and should easily have one of his better years this season. (3/18/13)

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