Fantasy Football Player Profiles: Marques Colston, WR |

Fantasy Football Player Profiles: Marques Colston, WR

Marques Colston, WR, New Orleans Saints

Player Profile

Height/Weight: 6-4/225

Birthdate: 6/5/1983

School: Hofstra


Marques Colston is one of those players that I worry about each year thanks to injuries. Even though he statistically had one of his best years last year, 83 catches for 1154 yards and 10 touchdowns, he seemed to be lacking in burst and acceleration as the season wore on. In his seven years in the NFL, Colston has only finished a season while playing in all 16 games just three times, although he’s only played in less than 14 just once.

I talked about my concern with injuries mounting for Andre Johnson and the same concerns ring true here. Luckily for Colston, his top threat for taking away targets is tight end Jimmy Graham. That really shouldn’t be an issue, Colston still is going to be the top wide receiver on the team. The problem, again, comes with the injury concerns. Do you really want a guy on your team that you are going to be worrying if he is going to play each week? Because that’s the main concern with Colston.

He is going to turn just 30 during the summer, so he isn’t too old, but the problem with having a lot of injuries and particularly nagging injuries, is that the risk for re-injury goes up with each year. There are some guys that can play the game late into their thirties like Terrell Owens and Ray Lewis and some flame out in their early thirties. I’m very concerned that Colston is one of the latter.

I realize that I’ve spent most of the time talking about injuries with Colston, but the inconsistency factors in here as well. He luckily hit double digit touchdowns last year, but he only had three games with more than 100 yards. Colston still has plenty of talent and I don’t think he has a huge risk for losing performance yet this year. I would view him as a high-end WR2 in standard leagues, but to be honest, I don’t want him on any of my teams.



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