Fantasy Football Player Profile - Knowshon Moreno, RB

Fantasy Football Player Profile – Knowshon Moreno, RB

Knowshon Moreno, RB, Denver Broncos

Player Profile

Height/Weight: 5-11/200

Birthdate: 7/16/1985

School: Georgia


Just when you thought former first round pick, Knowshon Moreno, was done in the NFL, Willis McGahee goes and injures himself in the middle of the year. So without a great second option, the Bronco’s turn to a back that was drafted under the old regime and called upon to carry the load. Not many thought Moreno could come in and produce like McGahee had, but he sure did and opened some eyes in the process. He actually played well and tough, not at all like we had seen in previous attempts. He was reinventing himself on the field, and his time away during the early part of the season must have done some good. There were actually reports that he was coming off of the practice squad when McGahee suffered his injury. I don’t believe that was entirely true, I do however think he was with the practice squad earlier in the year while he was getting healthy. Either way, the rumors were flying that he was not going to be any good and that we should all just write him off and let the rookie Ronnie Hillman take over. And going into the first game after McGahee’s injury that is what most analysts thought would happen. Ronnie was next in line and maybe Lance Ball would get a few carries as well. But we all know the story now. Against the Chiefs, it was Moreno that carried the load and totaled 111 yards in the game. And then went on to capture the minds and hearts of Bronco’s fans the world over…

Well, that last part was not very accurate but he did capture the hearts of some lucky fantasy owners who took a chance on him.

I digress. To finish up this long and lengthy preview of Moreno, he showed some life in the second half of the year while playing starter. He actually showed some of the promise that comes with being a former first rounder. If he hadn’t gotten injured in the playoffs, I believe the Bronco’s probably would have let McGahee walk, thinking Moreno could stay at a reduced cost. But that late season injury changed everything. Knowshon has now had two knee injuries in as many years and will be a concern heading into 2013. Initial reports were that he wasn’t going to need surgery. Initial reports are often wrong as Moreno just went under the knife for arthroscopic surgery a couple of weeks ago.

Take a wait and see approach to the Bronco’s backfield. If you are in an early draft this season, this is a running back situation to avoid. That being said, I loved the way Moreno played in those final games. I really do hope he can come back 100% to start 2013.

(Updated 3/8/13)



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