Fantasy Football Player Profile - Lamar Miller, RB

Fantasy Football Player Profile – Lamar Miller, RB

Lamar Miller, RB, Miami Dolphins

Player Profile

Height/Weight: 5-11/212

Birthdate: 4/25/1991

School: Miami (FL)


The Miami Dolphins love the upside of Lamar Miller. He’s going to be one of the hottest sleeper candidates going into 2013. If you have an early draft take him first and watch as the other owners start to curse you out. That’s how you know the draft homework you put in is paying off. It also means you pay way too much attention to fantasy sites… thank you!

But in reality, Lamar saw just a taste of action in his rookie year. Not enough to bank on but surely he’s got some experience and that is more than we can say about any possible rookies coming into the NFL this season. In his limited amount of work, Lamar averaged nearly 5 YPC. Since Reggie Bush is most likely walking for greener pastures, and former hyped-up rookie Daniel Thomas can’t seem to string two good performances together, it is Lamar’s job to lose heading into Spring training. So for now, he’s the man. Of course there is a lot time from now and till then. I still believe that Daniel Thomas has the skills to be the starter but he’s got to show some consistency on the field. Oh and there is that little problem of Thomas going on IR at the end of the season. He did have successful knee surgery in January and is expected to be ready by Spring.

For now, we love Lamar’s chances. He has the inside track to be the man on an up and coming offense, the South Florida Sun-Sentinal said he will get “Every opportunity” to start in 2013. If the Dolphins can acquire a decent wide receiver during the off-season, the running back for Miami, whoever it may be, will have some opportunities to shine.

(Updated 3/8/13)



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