Fantasy Football Player Profile - Vick Ballard, RB

Fantasy Football Player Profile – Vick Ballard, RB

Vick Ballard, RB, Indianapolis Colts

Player Profile

Height/Weight: 5-10/219

Birthdate: 7/16/1990

School: Mississippi State


The good news for Colts fans is that they have a running back that managed to stay healthy after an entire year. And that is something to be proud of. The other good news, they found a running back that broke the 100 yard mark in 2012. Even though Ballard only did it once, that’s one more time that Ryan Mathews.


He may not be the fastest guy on the field but he did show some good toughness for a smaller back. And that touchdown where he spun through the air against the Texans was nothing short of amazing, so feel safe drafting a #1 RB this far down the list. He should be a safe play going into 2013. And with any Luck, the offensive line will be that much better in the second year, so Ballard could surprise of a lot of fantasy owners with decent return on investment. He’s got sleeper potential written all over him.

One thing to be sure of, is that oft injured Donald Brown will be back healthy and itching to regain his starting job. While Ballard is the man for now, if he falters and Brown stays healthy, Donald will be back in the fold for carries. Personally I think Brown is the better overall talent but staying on the field is a key part to being a solid player in the NFL and Donald has not shown that to be a skill he possesses.

(Updated 3/9/13)



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