Fantasy Football Player Profile - Shonn Greene, RB

Fantasy Football Player Profile – Shonn Greene, RB

Shonn Greene, RB, Tennessee Titans

Player Profile

Height/Weight: 5-11/226

Birthdate: 8/21/1985

School: Iowa


Lets face facts. No one wants to read about Shonn Greene. Most likely, the vastly underwhelming Greene will be moving on from the New York Jets come free agency. And to be honest, who’s going to take a shot at a guy who’s had a decent offensive line and still couldn’t make himself look good.

Every year, there is someone who says, this is the year for Shonn. And every year he fails. Sure his numbers look ok. After-all he finished 2012 with 8 touchdowns and 1000 yards. But wasn’t he terrible? I’m pretty sure his owners couldn’t stand starting him, even on his good nights. Because then, they are forced to play him the next week when he absolutely will disappoint you.

Some of the teams linked to Greene this off-season have been the Falcons, who are losing Turner and the Packers who are still in need of a solid run option. I’m not sure why either one of them would buy-in on Greene but I guess his price won’t be high. I think the Packers make more sense and could use a downhill guy who can get 3 YPC to push DuJuan Harris to his full ability but even that’s a stretch. I think his best fit might actually be with the Jets. They should offer him a one-year deal and then blow it all up after 2013 to start fresh. Because lets be honest here, the 2014 Jets are going to be a completely different team. And who knows…

maybe this is Shonn’s year.

(Updated 3/12/13)


It’s officially not going to be Shonn’s year barring an injury to the Titans franchise player Chris Johnson. Greene was signed to a 3 year deal worth approximately 10 million dollars. He will primarily get used in short yardage and goal line work but could fill the void if something were to happen to Johnson. In the meantime, it’s time to downgrade Greene going into 2013 and that’s hard to do at this point. – 3/13/13

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