Fantasy Football Player Profile - Lance Moore, WR |

Fantasy Football Player Profile – Lance Moore, WR

Lance Moore, WR, New Orleans Saints

Player Profile

Height/Weight: 5-9/190

Birthdate: 8/31/1983

School: Toledo


Lance Moore came out and surprised everybody last year by receiving for 1041 yards on 65 catches for 6 touchdowns. He had an extremely high yards per catch average compared to his usual standard. For his career, he has a 12.4 ypc average, but had 16.0 ypc last year. His second best average in that category came in 2011 with 12.1 ypc. Being only 5’9″, Moore hasn’t really been known as a speedster, although he is fairly fast, but he plays more like a 6’2″ receiver.

To put those numbers into perspective, let’s take a look at his 2010 stats. He had one more catch, but much less yards than in 2012 (66/763/8.) He also has never been a yac guy and last year showed that as well, finishing 147th among eligible players in yards after catch. Again, for a small receiver, this is quite strange. Even when he wasn’t catching as many bombs as he was last year, his ypc average really was pedestrian.

What it came down to last year was the lack of weapons in the passing game for the Saints last year outside of Jimmy Graham and Marques Colston. However, to expect Moore to repeat his ypc average from last year seems a little foolish. I have a hard time viewing Moore as anything more than a mid-low end WR3 to be honest. His game just doesn’t appear to be the type that he can replicate for another year.



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