Fantasy Football Player Profile - Tony Gonzalez, TE

Fantasy Football Player Profile – Tony Gonzalez, TE

Tony Gonzalez, TE, Atlanta Falcons

Player Profile

Height/Weight: 6-5/247

Birthdate: 2/27/1976

School: California


Tony Gonzalez has accomplished many things, shattered many records as well, but one thing has him most likely coming back to the NFL in 2013, and that is the lack of a Super Bowl ring.

Gonzalez performed well above most in his field as he went for 930 receiving yards off of 93 receptions and 8 touchdowns. All great stats for a player on the wrong side of his mid-30’s, but seeing that he is TG, it isn’t surprising.

None-the-less, he enters the year without a contract, without 100% commitment from himself as of yet to the NFL and while he wants to play for the Falcons, with the progression of Julio Jones and depending on who the Falcons decide to bring in to lead the backfield attack, Gonzalez’s numbers could take a hit.

While he will still perform well enough to rank amongst the TE1’s in the game, things are very unclear on whether or not he will be a top choice or someone you can only rely on deeper into your drafts. My guess is that this will meet in the middle ground somewhere giving him a mid-draft ranking with the possibility of performing better than his draft status, but also with the possibility to bringing major disappointment to many fantasy football fanatics.

(Updated 3/15/13)


Gonzalez has agreed to return to the Falcons. And now with running back Steven Jackson at hand, Gonzalez’s coverage in the end-zone most likely will be easier to tread. Grab Gonzalez as a solid TE1 with the potential to better during some weeks, but expect somewhat of  a slip as there are a ton of weapons for Matt Ryan to consider now.

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