Fantasy Football Player Profile - Fred Jackson, RB

Fantasy Football Player Profile – Fred Jackson, RB

Fred Jackson, RB, Buffalo Bills

Player Profile

Height/Weight: 6-1/215

Birthdate: 2/20/1981

School: COE


Before the Bills started losing all of their good offensive lineman to free agency, I would have endorsed Fred Jackson as a possible flex option or lower end RB3 but now I’m not so sure. I like Jackson, and if he would have just stayed healthy either of the last two seasons, his stock would be so much higher but that isn’t what happened. And now, CJ Spiller is the main guy, while Jackson plays second fiddle. And Jackson says he has no problem sharing carries with CJ. I totally believe him. I really do. The reason is because he’s 32 years old. He is as old as I am, and I know how my knees feel when both of my kids (4 and 1.5) ask me to carry them at the same time. Not good.

So while the guy still has talent and can play at a high level, he’s not young. And sharing carries with CJ should help to prolong his career a few years. A month ago, Jackson said he felt like 100 percent. I’m not so sure I would believe any player when he tells me about how he feels physically but that is a good sign.

The fact of the matter, in Buffalo where they don’t have a starting quarterback after letting Ryan Fitzpatrick go, is that they might be running a lot to keep defenses from teeing off on whoever the signal caller is. So even part-time Fred Jackson could be a good play. I would at the very least call him CJ’s handcuff. Spiller has had his share of bumps and bruises the past couple of season also.

His stock does go up for PPR leagues. Even though the guy has missed a total of 12 games the past two season, he’s still caught 73 balls over that time. The Bills like to use Fred in that role and he could catch upwards of 50 if he can stay upright in 2013.

(Updated 3/15/13)


Fred Jackson missed the last three games of 2012 with a grade 2 MCL sprain but as of March 22, he said all the doctors have cleared him and he’s looking forward to off-season conditioning with his teammates. (4/9/13)


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