Fantasy Football Player Profile - Justin Blackmon, WR |

Fantasy Football Player Profile – Justin Blackmon, WR

Justin Blackmon, WR, Jacksonville Jaguars

Player Profile

Height/Weight: 6-1/210

Birthdate: 1/9/1990

School: Oklahoma State


Justin Blackmon had bust written all over him by the “fantasy experts.” Through the first half of the season, that looked like it might be the case. However, he shined down the stretch, by picking up 615 yards in his final seven games. He finished the season with 64 catches with 865 yards and five touchdowns.

The problem with Blackmon has been linked to his supporting cast. The Jaguars were without a running game this year as well as a lack of a passing game, really. While Blaine Gabbert was under center, the team struggled mightily to make anything happen offensively. However, the offense blossomed when Chad Henne took over, from a fantasy perspective anyways. Not only was Blackmon more involved, but his friend on the other side of the field, Cecil Shorts, was as well.

I’m a little undecided as to where to draft Blackmon this year. It ultimately depends on who is at QB and how good you ultimately think he will be this year. The first part of the question will seemingly be Blaine Gabbert, which doesn’t bode well for Blackmon, but great receivers always get their yards, so the question is, will Blackmon be good enough to withstand the poor offensive support?

I think he can be drafted as a moderately low risk WR3. Ultimately, if Gabbert starts, I think Blackmon can still put up numbers similar to what he did when Henne had the reigns. And heck, if they find another option to sling the ball, this guy could be the next star.



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