Breaking News: Nnamdi Asomugha Agrees to Deal with 49ers

Breaking News: Nnamdi Asomugha Agrees to Deal with 49ers

Breaking News – The San Francisco 49ers already wealthy defense just got much stronger, adding soon to be 32-year old cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha to the defensive backfield Tuesday afternoon after they agreed to terms to what is unofficially a 1-year contract.

NFL Impact – No matter if it is a 1-year contract or something a tad longer, one thing is for certain, Asomugha failed miserably in the two seasons that he played for the Philadelphia Eagles after starring for the Oakland Raiders where he worked his way into elite status.

While he is no longer elite, having slowed noticeably, he is now on a team that should play to his strengths and allow him to compensate for his declining skills by having the right talent around him to help blend everything together nicely.

It was being reported that Asomugha was down to the consideration of two teams, the 49ers for one and the New Orleans Saints as the other. With it being rumored that the deal is only for one year, that would make sense why he would choose the 49ers as they give him the best chance to look like an above average player once again.

Look for Asomugha to once again return to form and help the 49ers towards achieving the ultimate National Football League goal, winning the Super Bowl.

Fantasy Spin – While I will never claim to be a IDP guru personally, I know enough to where I never understood why Asomugha was always so highly regarded in fantasy football. In a career that spans a decade, he has a total of just 15 interceptions and 1 touchdown. That is no typo! He only has 15 interceptions. And as tackles go, he has averaged 40.5 a season. Once again, nothing special.

While it is common for shut down corners to not put up great statistics due to opposing quarterbacks refusing to challenge them, that doesn’t particularly translate well into fantasy football. Oddly enough, the more his speed erodes, the more his fantasy value could go up as he will see more passes thrown in his direction. Either way, Asomugha should go undrafted in pretty much all fantasy leagues.

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