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Jason Motte Elbow Injury Update: MRI Scheduled for Tuesday

St. Louis Cardinals closer Jason Motte is scheduled to undergo an MRI today to determine if progress is being made on his sore elbow. Motte left a March 21st spring training appearance with elbow tightness and has not picked up a ball since. In the meantime, he was prescribed a set of muscle strengthening exercises and presumably given ice/anti-inflammatories (speculation) to help with his strained right elbow. (Remember, if you see strain, it normally implies muscle/tendon is involved; if you see sprain, that implies ligament involvement). By all accounts, his response to conservative measures have been positive, and today’s MRI is just confirm that things are moving in the right direction in order to receive clearance to ramp up his rehabilitation efforts.

The results of today’s test in addition to Motte’s pain levels will help determine if he can begin more aggressive strengthening of the shoulder/elbow complexes and a return to throwing the ball again, albeit it will initially be long toss/light throwing at first. If all goes well, Motte should still be on track for an early May return. Keep an eye on news as it trickles out today. Mitchell Boggs should continue to get the bulk of the save opportunities, but if he has another outing similar to Monday’s, keep an eye on Trevor Rosenthal getting some save chances until Motte is able to return.

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  • Ben

    I doubt anti-inflammatory meds were recommended for Motte’s elbow. They have NO anti-inflammatory effect on bursitis, tendonitis and epicondylitis [tennis elbow]. All they do for those problems is reduce pain.
    I just hope some “know it all” nurse practitioner doesn’t reply, stating her grandma disagrees!
    I’m a Board-Certified doctor, practicing Emergency Medicine and Internal Medicine. Good luck, Motte.

  • Ziad Dahdul, PT, DPT

    Ben, it’s hard to say at this point exactly which structures are involved in terms of Motte’s elbow pathology. The only information we have is that he had a “strained” elbow, which, as you know, could be a number of things. Pure speculation at this point, but hopefully we’ll know more once information on his MRI results come in. I do agree with you in terms of anti-inflammatories and their effect on pain and can see that it would definitely be applicable in Motte’s case to help with pain modulation. If Motte had a significant amount of swelling associated with the injury, he would have received some anti-inflammatory benefit from that, right? Thanks for the response!

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