Detroit Lions Sign YouTube Sensation Kikalicious
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Detroit Lions Sign YouTube Sensation Kikalicious

I’m all about trying to make it on YouTube, in fact my very first foray into the fantasy football advice field was on YouTube a few years back. After having kids though, making videos became a chore so I switched over to the written word. While I thought my advice was gold, I was often happy to get just a couple hundred views. The guy I’m going to talk about became a YouTube sensation when he debuted his video of trick kicks last year. His trick American football style kicks.

His name is Havard Rugland, better known as ‘Kikalicious‘. His name is so familiar now that he even had his name trademarked.

But after 2.5 million views on this video below, and one HOF caliber kicker Jason Hanson retiring in Detroit, the Lions decided to see if this guy is more than just a video magician and signed him. It turns out, the Lions brought Rugland in for a workout about a month ago after not being able to strike a deal with Hanson. Now Rugland has a real shot at being an NFL kicker. He only has to beat out one of the best All-Time kickers David Akers for the job. A couple of years ago I would have laughed at the thought of someone trying to take Akers’ spot on the roster but over the past two seasons including the playoffs, Akers’ accuracy just isn’t what it used to be. And say what you will about kicking indoors, but tradition is not on the side of David. Overall, throughout his career, Akers has a worse record of made kicks indoors than outside. That isn’t what I expected to find out as most kickers do well in domes.

As a Lions fan, the idea of having a kicker named ‘Kikalicious’ is just badass. And his real name is kind of badass as well.

Havard Rugland.

It just has a nice ring to it. Havard, I’m rooting for ya! But most of all… GO LIONS!

2 Comments on Detroit Lions Sign YouTube Sensation Kikalicious

  1. Tom, is it safe to say that the PK position may not be boring this year after having Eddie Murray and Jason Hanson take up the past almost 35? Akers and Rugland. That could be the talk of PK fantasy football. Haha.

    • Fantasy Football Junkie
      // April 11, 2013 at 11:06 pm // Reply

      Chris, It’s a safe bet to say the Lions are cornering the market on PK news for the foreseeable future. Personally, I want Hanson to un-retire the day before the season starts and ride in on a silver horse to kick off week one but I know that’s not likely to happen.

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