Mark Sanchez in Conversations to be a Buccaneer?

Mark Sanchez in Conversations to be a Buccaneer?

Mike Florio, of ProFootballTalk, has let it be known that Mark Sanchez’s name has come up in conversations regarding a possible trade between the New York Jets and Tampa Bay Buccaneers. This trade is the long-talked about move to send Darrelle Revis to the Bucs in exchange for draft picks.

The new development, being explored by Jets GM John Idzik, would possibly send Mark Sanchez to the Bucs as part of a package deal for Revis. This would alleviate the most-certain decision of getting rid of Sanchez after this year is up. The Jets would cut Sanchez loose now if they could but they hastily signed him up to a ridiculous extension during the last off-season. Mark now makes a guaranteed 8 million this season no matter if he’s on the roster or not. If Idzik was able to dump Sanchez off to the Bucs, who do have enough cap space to absorb his contract, it would be a magnificent move for the rookie GM. And they could possibly start looking to the future immediately instead of waiting a full year.

Also of note, Buccaneers head coach Greg Schiano is reportedly not sold on Josh Freeman as his quarterback of the future. Maybe he believes Sanchez has a chance to be the guy in Tampa? I’m not sure what makes him think this but it could be a factor in the decision process.

One thing is for sure, this story will continue to develop. Revis can still be the single-best cover corner in the league and would be a huge asset to any team able to sign him. Sanchez however, would most certainly strain any relationship the Bucs have with Freeman and could turn ugly.


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