Add Jordan Cameron to the List of Sleeper Tight Ends

Add Jordan Cameron to the List of Sleeper Tight Ends

Not that the tight end position is lacking in possible sleepers this year, but you can throw Jordan Cameron’s name into the mix.

In a question and answer piece by Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer, she tells us that new offensive coordinator Norv Turner has said, Jordan Cameron has been “identified” as the starter for 2013. For right now…

Normally a statement like this wouldn’t hold much water but in this case, we should at least be made aware of the situation. Jordan is still a raw talent and we all remember what Norv did in San Diego with another raw talent in Antonio Gates. If we can safely assume the offense running in Cleveland will resemble the offense ran in San Diego, the tight end will play a significant role.

If you are finding yourself looking at solid but unspectacular options at the TE position late in the draft, take a flyer on Cameron. The other guys are most likely going to be there after the first couple weeks via waivers anyway.

The only thing we caution for now is to make sure the Browns don’t spend an early pick in the draft on a TE. If they do, it could be a situation where the rookie vaults ahead of Cameron.


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