Dolphins Reportedly Interested in Branden Albert

Dolphins Reportedly Interested in Branden Albert

It’s being reported by Ian Rapoport on his twitter account, that the Miami Dolphins are interested in acquiring LT Branden Albert from the Kansas City Chiefs. Now that the Dolphins have large shoes to fill, with Jake Long moving to St. Louis, going after Albert, who is still just 28, would be a great move.

The cost for Albert is reportedly a high second round pick. Currently the Dolphins have two picks in the round, one high (42) and one not-so-high (54). If the Dolphins were able to snag Albert for the later pick, it would be a steal. But the Chiefs will obviously try to hold out hope the Dolphins buckle and settle for offering up the earlier of the two.

[pullquote]Either way, if a team is going after offensive linemen in the draft, this might be the year.[/pullquote]

Either way, if a team is going after offensive linemen in the draft, this might be the year. The Chiefs are expected to take one of the excellent options at LT with the first overall pick, which is the reason for trying to find a trade partner for Albert. Branden is not to keen on the idea of moving over to the right side.

For the Dolphins, who seem to be all-in this offseason bringing in some big names, this would most certainly help them out in the immediate future. And would definitely give a boost to the running game. Lamar Miller fans should be the happy ones if this trade works out.


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  • Chris Ziza

    That definitely would be a great deal for both teams involved. It is very hard to grab a solid LT and while the price is steep, that would be an instant replacement for Long. And there is no question that they are going LT in the first round… the Chiefs that is. So it makes sense all around.

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