Derek Jeter Injury Update: Yankees Captain Out Until After All-Star Break |

Derek Jeter Injury Update: Yankees Captain Out Until After All-Star Break

The injury-riddled New York Yankees just got more bad news. Starting shortstop Derek Jeter will be out of the lineup until after the All-Star break after suffering a setback during his rehabilitation efforts. Jeter made an unscheduled trip, according to Yahoo! Sports, to see his ankle surgeon in Charlotte, North Carolina, to have a CT scan done. Results showed a small fracture in the previously repaired area and made the decision to stop his rehab to allow this new fracture time to heal.

What this new development means for Jeter is that he will basically be shut down from baseball-related activities and limit excessive weight bearing to allow this new fracture (severity unknown) enough time to heal. A complication like this doesn’t necessarily indicate surgery right away, so it’s good that they aren’t automatically jumping to surgery to fix this new issue. However, when a fracture presents itself in a previously repaired area, the healing process will be a bit slower than usual because of the previously undergone trauma and impaired healing environment. Expect this area to heal with proper rest and rehab, but with this recent setback, this process will take longer than it probably would normally.

So, what’s the fantasy spin on Jeter with this new setback? I think, as I’ve been quoted as saying from the beginning, that his days as a fantasy relevant shortstop are over. I believe he will come back and return to the lineup on a relatively consistent basis, but I can’t imagine he’d have the strength and stability in his ankle at this point to play more than 2-3 days in a row. Also, with the timeframe set for a post All-Star break return, it will also take him a few weeks to get back into a groove again and work off the rust, which pushes back his return to close-to-prior levels into August.

If you’re counting on Jeter being a fantasy savior for your team towards the end of the season…well, good luck. Hopefully you planned in advance and drafted an alternative for Jeter when putting your team together. If you feel stuck, check out our Shortstop Rankings for possible replacements to tide you over. If you’re looking for a possible bargain out on the trade market, a great buy low candidate right now is Hanley Ramirez, as he appears to be way ahead of schedule and could return to the Dodgers’ lineup 2 weeks early.

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