Denver Broncos Select Sylvester Williams 28th Overall |

Denver Broncos Select Sylvester Williams 28th Overall

1.28 Denver Broncos Sylvester Williams, DT, Central Michigan (6-3, 313)

Sylvester Williams was selected as the twenty-eighth overall pick in the 2013 NFL Draft by the Denver Broncos. Williams is blessed with a big body and extreme quickness for someone his size, which will be extremely beneficial getting off the line through the A-gap with the snap of the ball. Also, Williams has the strength to overpower undersized/weaker interior offensive linemen, which will make him a double-team candidate at times, freeing up the pass rushing ends for the Broncos.

Some scouts talk about Williams getting stuck on blocks when he’s overly fatigued, which can be a problem if his conditioning is not up to par playing at Mile High Stadium. In addition, due to his lack of experience playing football (he only played 1 year in high school), he tends to get caught up making the same swim/spin move over and over again, making him relatively predictable to block.

The great news Broncos’ fans is that he’s coming onto a team that was one blown coverage away from the AFC Championship game, which means there won’t be enormous pressure for Williams to be a stud right away. The Broncos have enough depth on their D-line to allow Williams to be a rotational guy early on, but don’t be surprised if this kid isn’t starting at defensive tackle right from the get go in Week 1.

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