St. Louis Rams Select Alec Ogletree In First Round Of 2013 NFL Draft

St. Louis Rams Select Alec Ogletree In First Round Of 2013 NFL Draft

1.30 St. Louis Rams Alec Ogletree, ILB, Georgia (6-2½, 242) 

With the thirtieth selection in this year’s NFL Draft, the St. Louis Rams select inside linebacker Alec Ogletree from Georgia.  The Rams traded with the Atlanta Falcons to fall back to this slot and got a steal.  This guy is a physical freak and if you watch the tape of him playing, you cannot see why he would fall out of the top 15, much less fall to number 30 on the board.  Ogletree put up 111 tackles in 10 games; 10 games!  The guy has great athleticism that allows him to cover sideline-to-sideline on run plays.  He can change direction on a dime and has the speed to recover from mental lapses that he can suffer from at certain times.  Ogletree has great natural instincts, but sometimes this can get him in trouble if he commits too early and leaves cut-back lanes open for opposing running backs.  When going one-on-one with a blocker, he can shed the opposition quickly and get to the ball.  His tackling is excellent in two ways.  First, he is solid at wrapping up a ball carrier and taking him down.  Second, he can line up and deliver the explosive hits that will make highlight films for years to come.  In the pass game, Ogletree can cover tight ends and some wide receivers using his quick feet and all-around athleticism.  In zone coverage, this guy has a top-notch feel of space around him and the range to shut down the small gaps in the coverage.

The Rams got a top talent at number 30 that slipped due to off-field issues.  He has the potential to be a game-changer and multiple-time Pro Bowler in the near future with his freakish athleticism, great instincts, and high-end production.

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