LeGarrette Blount Traded to the Patriots

LeGarrette Blount Traded to the Patriots

The New England Patriots have acquired the services of former waiver wire star, LeGarrette Blount from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in exchange for RB Jeff Demps and a seventh round pick.

This is one of those head scratching moves that only Bill Belichick can deliver. Why go after a guy like Blount who seemed to have no trade value what-so-ever? I guess we’ll find out when camp opens up, but the Bucs were more than likely going to release him anyway. While Blount is known for being a one-dimensional runner that can take it between the tackles he had a couple decent seasons with the Bucs before 2012 when Doug Martin took over. He averaged 5.0 and 4.2 YPC respectively from 2010-2011. Not bad for a guy that does just one thing. You would think a defense could stop a guy that can only do one thing…

So maybe coach Belichick knows something we don’t. Maybe he can mold Blount into a short-yardage/touchdown bruiser that could close a game down the stretch. I doubt it, but if someone can, it’s probably Bill. It’s also possible that the Patriots might try and convert Blount into a fullback, but his lack of skills at blocking has us thinking otherwise. But at 6-0 245 LBS, he does have the body of a fullback.

Fantasy Spin: Let’s face it, I don’t foresee Blount being much of anything for the Pats but you just never know. I’m also not completely sold on Stevan Ridley so this move intrigues me a little more than it probably should. Watch Blount score 10 touchdowns this season, would you be that shocked?

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  • Chris Ziza

    Tom, while I agree that it is abnormal to go after a guy with no trade value, he is probably thinking a 1-for-1 swap and a who gives a crap about the 7th. If he can get any type of production out of him, and let’s be honest, Blount has proven that he can be productive in the right situations, this could be a great deal for NEP. I’d be interested to see what Ziad Dahdul thinks of this, as he is a Patriots fan. For me, these are one of those deals that says nothing in the NFL circles but should be screaming Oh-Oh for Stevan Ridley owners….just in case his TD’s are hijacked.

    • http://fflockerroom.com/ Fantasy Football Junkie

      Yeah, I completely agree with both of you on Stevan. Caution is the word to use when drafting Ridley at this point. If I had to guess, Blount will not even make the final roster because of his lack of flexibility but you never know.

      But Chris, any pick in the draft can be a value. It’s not likely but Marques Colston and Donald Driver are just two notable 7th Rnd picks.

  • Ziad Dahdul

    I think this move says a little about how comfortable Belichick is with
    Ridley being the main guy in the backfield. Not since Corey Dillon have
    the Patriots relied on one guy to get the bulk of the carries in the
    backfield. Blount is absolutely a one-trick pony, but that one-trick is
    what the Patriots seem to be lacking: a bruising back who can move a
    pile in goalline situations. I think it’s a good, cheap pickup that
    could turn out to be beneficial. But it also makes Ridley a bit less
    attractive as an RB2 knowing there’s a TD-vulture lurking behind him. I
    can see Ridley’s ADP taking a hit because of this trade

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