Luol Deng Officially Ruled OUT for the Bulls Monday Night

Luol Deng Officially Ruled OUT for the Bulls Monday Night

Forward Luol Deng had been listed as day-to-day while dealing with an illness but is likely to be ruled OUT for Monday’s game in Miami. A serious blow to the Bulls that just won a grueling first round playoff series against the Nets, Deng will hopefully be ready to go for game two. The two players likely to see extended minutes will be Jimmy Butler and Marco Belinelli.

While he isn’t likely to play in the Monday game, it is being reported he should be in Miami for the tip-off.


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  • Wesley E.

    The NBA BULLS are a grinding bunch, but l don’t think outside of Noah, Robinson,and Carlos (Bruzer) Boozer there is another tough guy. l love D Rose, but he is just a excellent talent. there are three wasted salaries sitting on the bench. Can someone explain Rip’s reason for being in Chicago and Asik gone ? you knew Jimmy Buckets was being groomed for the 2 . so why keep Ripped….? and not pay the big man…? Go Bulls and Good Luck , l am a Bulls die hard fan but also a realist. Maybe Noah might rub off on some others.

    • Fantasy Football Junkie

      Wesley, You are right, they are a grinding bunch. Unfortunately for them, they expelled so much energy in that first round it could be a short lived second round.

      Winning that first though, was spectacular!

      The Rip move while not great in hindsight provided veteran leadership. He may not be what he used to be but he probably helped as a locker room influence. And I can’t help but love him as a Pistons fan.

  • Wesley E.

    Oh and btw Deng should get you a high second round pick. real truth is you have not won with him, tough love dictates you can win in his absence. and continue to build around D Rose. l know, l know it sucks but you need to keep focused on the big pictures. Can you say Horace Grant…….?

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