New Orleans Saints Select DT John Jenkins in 2013 NFL Draft

New Orleans Saints Select DT John Jenkins in 2013 NFL Draft

3.20 New Orleans Saints John Jenkins, DT, Georgia (6-3, 346)

At 346 pounds, John Jenkins is a load and will be able to help contain the rush up the middle. But as far as him being effective with his new team, we’ll wait and see about that.

Jenkins is better suited to play in a 4-3 defense and the Saints will be running Rob Ryan’s 3-4. Normally, you like your defensive tackles to be a little more athletic in a 3-4 but Jenkins is the exact opposite. He’s been known to get tired easily and raise his pad level up. In the NFL, you can’t get away with being tired. The offensive linemen in this league will eat him alive if he raises up even a little.

If John can work on his conditioning and drop a few pounds, he might be a more effective player for Ryan and the Saints. He has good strength and should be able to take double teams and leave linebackers open for tackles. Which, ideally, is what the Saints hope he can do right away.

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