Marcus Lattimore Shouldn't Be On Your Fantasy Radar

Marcus Lattimore Shouldn’t Be On Your Fantasy Radar

When the San Francisco 49ers selected RB Marcus Lattimore in the 2013 NFL Draft, fantasy pundits started getting excited. After all, the 49ers have an aging back in Frank Gore who could get hurt at any moment and be relegated to the sideline and unproven second-year back LaMichael James. And Lattimore could get a shot early this season if his knee injury recovers quick enough!

Yeah, that’s what I was thinking at first also. Then I read what AJ Mass from ESPN had to say.

And then I changed my mind. It’s a free country and I often can be persuaded with sound logic from guys that no more than I do and pizza.

But to get on with it, Lattimore is still not healthy enough to start on-field work and is likely headed to the PUP list at the start of training camp. And with the way the Niners’ handled LaMichael James‘ slow progression from a year ago, it’s not crazy to think Lattimore could sit the entire season without ever touching the ball in a game. Remember that James was healthy last season and got drafted in a lot of leagues, late, as a possible sleeper. Don’t get fooled again people. Jim Harbaugh and company will err on the side of caution. My bet is that James does-in-fact see more playing time this year and should be the sleeper pick.


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