The Denver Broncos Hire Alex Gibbs As Offensive Consultant

The Denver Broncos Hire Alex Gibbs As Offensive Consultant

While I don’t normally post about coaching hires, this one caught my eye.

The Denver Broncos have hired Alex Gibbs as an offensive consultant. You may, but probably won’t, remember Alex Gibbs was the Godfather of the zone-blocking scheme. His plays were instrumental during the two Super Bowl runs for the Broncos when they had Terrell Davis. And his schemes are still being utilized by half the league to this day. If he can come in and help get this O-Line working the way it should, it would fit rookie Montee Ball perfectly. He can one-cut very well and that’s what they will need to make the zone runs work correctly.

I know it’s not a huge move, but it does make me like Ball a little more. Just something to remember when drafting and you need help deciding between Ball and another RB.


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