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Dodgers’ Zack Greinke Activated From DL, Will Start Today vs Nationals

Finally, some great news for the Los Angeles Dodgers beleaguered rotation as Zack Greinke will be activated from the DL today to pitch the rubber match of the Dodgers series against the Washington Nationals. Greinke is about 3 weeks ahead of schedule and responded well after his one-and-only rehab start with no reported setbacks or soreness.

Expect Greinke to have to work a bit to get his sharpness and precision back after a month’s layoff, but the fractured left clavicle is more than healed and his mechanics appear to be back to normal with no compensatory movement patterns, according to reports. The biggest concern with a non-throwing arm injury to a pitcher is a change in the wind-up and delivery, as a lack of range of motion/joint mobility of the clavicle can lead to other regions of the body trying to pick up the slack, which is never good for pitchers who are so reliant on consistency with their pitching mechanics. In Greinke’s case, it appears he was able to demonstrate an ability to perform all the required tasks of the job, which pleased the Dodgers’ training staff enough to give him the green light.

My advice would be to get Greinke back in your lineup today (I did), but I wouldn’t fault you for waiting to see how he does the first time out before you start him again. Greinke says he feels ready, so there shouldn’t be any reason for you not to feel the same way. Regardless, fantasy owners will be happy to see their #1 or #2 pitching option back in the big leagues.

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