Victor Cruz Lowering His Salary Demands

Victor Cruz Lowering His Salary Demands

According to the NY Daily News, Victor Cruz is ready to lower his salary demands for a new deal. It’s obvious to everyone that the talented slot receiver would prefer to stay with the Giants and this is what he needed to do. The Giants are as frugal as they come and weren’t going to shell out the reported $10-11 million a year Cruz was looking for. Slot receivers just can’t command that type of change yet. But the culture in the NFL is shifting and in a couple of years, that number might be feasible. But for now, we know from sources that the Giants were looking to pay around the $8 million dollar a year range.

The hope is, that the new number Victor is shooting for will get a deal done in time for him to show up to all camp work. No matter what though, Cruz should still be considered one of the better fantasy options in football.

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