Dallas Cowboys Sign DL Anthony Hargrove

Dallas Cowboys Sign DL Anthony Hargrove

The Dallas Cowboys have signed defensive lineman Anthony Hargrove. Listed at 6’3″, 272 lbs, Hargrove is big enough to play in the middle but he’s also shown the ability to play on the outside. Over his seven-year career he’s posted 19.5 sacks and 168 tackles. Anthony last saw NFL action in 2011 for the Seattle Seahawks but spent last summer with the Packers.

Some of you may be more familiar with Hargrove due to his involvement with Bounty Gate, the story of Saints coaches and players paying for illegal hits on the field. He was suspended 8 games in 2012 for that and never caught on with a team after the suspension was up. Now the Cowboys are looking to see if they can get him on the cheap to help revitalize his career. Hargrove has a decent shot to make the team because of usefulness to move along the line.


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