Jacksonville Jaguars Claim DT Kyle Love, Diabetes And All

Jacksonville Jaguars Claim DT Kyle Love, Diabetes And All


It didn’t take long for defensive tackle Kyle Love to find a new home after getting waived by the Patriots for having Type-2 Diabetes. The Jaguars claimed Love today.

Much has been said about Love and his situation. Whether you think what the Pats did was right or wrong doesn’t matter at this point. Love now has a new opportunity with Jacksonville, a team sorely in need of a good run stuffing player with enough push to get a sack every now and again. Kyle fits the bill for the Jags and has started in 24 games over the past two seasons. He was also graded out by Pro Football Focus as a top 20 player at this position during 2012.

Diabetes is no joke and he’s recently lost 20 pounds but with determination he can control it and still be a good football player. It might take him some time to figure out the best treatments and doses but he should be ok to resume his career. If ready to go, he has a shot to start right away as possibly the nose-tackle.


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