Josh Freeman Supporters Should Be Worried
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Josh Freeman Supporters Should Be Worried


If I am Josh Freeman, I am not so comfortable right now. Not only does he have a coach (Greg Schiano) not sold on his abilities, the Buccaneers went out and drafted Mike Glennon early in the third round. Of course the Bucs said all the right things, and on April 29th, head coach Greg Schiano said Glennon will not be viewed as immediate competition. I guess the word catching my eye here is “immediate”. That can mean so many things. Like I’m immediately speculating that the Bucs start Glennon sooner rather than later. Now that’s immediate, right?

[pullquote]He’s got to play. We may not see as much of Dan Orlovsky or even of Josh Freeman somewhat in the preseason as much as you’re going to see Glennon.[/pullquote]

A further development happened yesterday after the Bucs GM, Mark Dominik said, “We’re going to put a lot of pressure on (Glennon) and see a lot of reps from him in the preseason. He’s got to play. We may not see as much of Dan Orlovsky or even of Josh Freeman somewhat in the preseason as much as you’re going to see Glennon. We’re excited about just the little bit we saw from him [during rookie minicamp] in terms of mentally what he could handle.” I’m sorry Josh, it was nice knowing you, but when your head coach waffles on your talents and then your GM says you basically might not see the field much during the preseason to warm up for regular games, all bets are against you.

I would say there will be quite a few rankers lowering Freeman on this kind of talk. Maybe not too drastically as of yet but Glennon has a chance to win the starting job outright. If he can, it would be an epic fall for Freeman, who will most certainly get another shot to start somewhere next season. I’m sure the Jaguars would gladly take him over Gabbert…

And if you are drafting in fantasy at this stage of the season, do not draft Freeman early. And do not draft Glennon. Leave them be and play it safe.

Also in terms of fantasy, this will probably not effect Vincent Jackson all that much. One of Glennon’s strengths is the deep pass, and many scouts think he has the best deep ball of any rookie QB. So with either quarterback, Jackson’s value is still high.


3 Comments on Josh Freeman Supporters Should Be Worried

  1. jbjr10124 // May 17, 2013 at 9:34 am // Reply

    this is all actually a lie I researched it and he is josh freeman back up

  2. Chris Ziza // May 17, 2013 at 11:44 pm // Reply

    jbjr10124, instead of accusing the Junkie of lying, why not come out with your sources and prove that this speculation is undeserved. I love a great debate!

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