Joe Webb Making The Transition To Wide Receiver

Joe Webb Making The Transition To Wide Receiver

It’s been rumored for quite some time and Joe Webb has been taking more snaps at wide receiver during drills this off-season but the Minnesota Vikings have officially said they are making the switch. Joe Webb is now a WR for the Vikings, and this gives him the best shot at sticking with the team. Webb is entering the final year of his rookie contract and the Vikings do not need another backup QB, especially a raw talent like Webb, after signing Matt Cassel.

If Joe can successfully make the switch, it would be great news for the Vikings. They could use some more talent at the WR position, as Greg Jennings is their only real threat at the moment. Webb has very nice size and posted fast forty times coming out of college of 4.45 and 4.44. If he can grasp the position quickly, Webb has a shot at being the fourth receiver. His size alone could make him a decent option in the red-zone.

But don’t kid yourself, this move doesn’t have any fantasy implications. Webb could develop into something special down the road but that will take at least a full season.


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