Dwight Freeney Signs Two-Year Deal With San Diego

Dwight Freeney Signs Two-Year Deal With San Diego

Longtime Indianapolis Colt, Dwight Freeney, has found a new home with the San Diego Chargers. The Chargers were in desperation mode after losing Melvin Ingram to a torn ACL a week ago and brought in Freeney for a look a couple of days later. It didn’t take long for this deal to get done as Dwight has signed a two-year deal.

While this move makes sense for the Chargers, it isn’t quite what Freeney had in mind when he hit free agency. The last thing he wanted to do was to be stuck in 3-4 situation like the one Chuck Pagano instituted with the Colts in 2012. He was also wanting to sign with a “contender,” but here he is signing with the Bolts who employ Chuck’s Brother, John as the defensive coordinator. At least he’s familiar with the system after running it last season, but Freeney has to be disappointed he couldn’t generate more interest from clubs running a 4-3. Word on the street via Dwight’s Father, was that he wanted to play with the G-Men but that the Giants had no money. But money talks, and Freeney at least gets to play in one of the nicest climates in America.

Dwight posted just 5 sacks in 2012, his lowest total since 2009 when he missed 7 games. He should be more comfortable playing in a 3-4 now and should be able to carve out a healthier sack total in 2013. But don’t look for him to regain his Pro-Bowl form. He’s not a candidate for IDP positions in any fantasy league.


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