Highly Regarded RB Miguel Maysonet Joins Cleveland

Highly Regarded RB Miguel Maysonet Joins Cleveland

The highly thought of undrafted rookie RB, Miguel Maysonet, joins the Cleveland Browns and an extremely crowded cast of running backs. Currently the Browns have Trent Richardson, Montario Hardesty, Brandon JacksonChris Ogbonnaya, Dion Lewis and Owen Marecic.

What we learned after Maysonet was waived by the Eagles just a few days ago was that the front office and head coach Chip Kelly did not see eye to eye on him. Miguel got the highest signing bonus of any undrafted free agent (10k) post draft but Kelly apparently did not see him fitting well with the offense.

If it doesn’t work out in Cleveland, it’s more than possible he gets a shot with another team. A couple of teams that could use some more competition in my eyes would be Indianapolis, St. Louis and Miami. Each one of those clubs has promising young talent but promises are often broken in the NFL.


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