Michael Crabtree Suffers Torn Achilles' During 49ers Practice

Michael Crabtree Suffers Torn Achilles’ During 49ers Practice

The San Francisco 49ers were just dealt a huge blow today as what is now confirmed as their worst fear for the young wide out; wide receiver Michael Crabtree has suffered a torn Achilles’ during Wednesday’s OTA’s.

It is very rare that a player bounces back and can return quickly from this type of injury, especially one that uses his legs to accelerate such as a wide receiver, so it is very unlikely that Crabtree will see any action in 2013. The playoffs are an outside possibility, but the regular season chances are almost nil. Even if he does make it back onto the field, the odds are he will be well below 100%.

The bright note, if there is one, is that the 49ers traded for wide receiver Anquan Boldin, formerly of the Baltimore Ravens, earlier this off-season.

This does have some fantasy affect on their roster. Quarterback Colin Kaepernick suffers the most, losing his number 1 option in the passing game. While only a blip, Kaepernick none-the-less slips some. Frank Gore’s most likely goes up as he is a solid receiving option out of the backfield when needed to perform as such. But with his aging body, don’t expect too much of an increase.

But the biggest winners for fantasy value would have to be their wide receivers. Boldin, as mentioned earlier, gets a spike up. Where as players such as A.J. Jenkins, Mario Manningham who is also suffering from a torn ACL as well as Quinton Patton all are now risen a tier on the 49ers field, which undoubtedly will increase their fantasy value some.

While there is no time-table set for Crabtree’s return, don’t hold out any hope for a quick return. You will be greatly disappointed.


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  1. Wow, terrible news for Crabtree who finally looked like the player everyone thought he would be out of college. Huge blow to the 49ers offense also, looks like AJ Jenkins will have a bigger role in year two.

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