New York Jets Draft OG Brian Winters In The 2013 NFL Draft |

New York Jets Draft OG Brian Winters In The 2013 NFL Draft


3.10 New York Jets Brian Winters, OG, Kent State (6-4, 320)

With the 10th pick of the third round of the NFL Draft, the Jets selected OG Brian Winters out of Kent State University. The Jets’ offensive line has been in flux the last couple seasons, so their looking to bolster the offensive line comes as no surprise to anyone. Winters has the ability to play guard on either side of the line, which gives the Jets flexibility as we enter the 2013 season.

Winters brings good strength and quickness to the table, which is a combination that not all guards can provide. In addition Winters is above-average with both run- and pass-blocking, which allows him to provide solid production regardless of the down and distance. One knock on Winters is that he likes to latch onto defenders up top, which can decrease his leverage and make him susceptible to being pushed aside by larger and stronger guys.

Expect Winters to compete for a starting job on an offensive line that could sure use the help. From a fantasy standpoint, the Jets need much more help offensively than one third round offensive guard can provide, so don’t change your mind one way or another about this team.

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