Tennessee Titans Select OLB Zaviar Gooden In The 2013 NFL Draft

Tennessee Titans Select OLB Zaviar Gooden In The 2013 NFL Draft

3.35 Tennessee Titans Zaviar Gooden, OLB, Missouri (6-1 ½, 234)

With the 35th pick in the third round of the NFL Draft, the Titans selected OLB Zaviar Gooden from Missouri. Gooden has some ridiculous speed (4.57 forty) to go along with his 6-1 ½, 234 lb frame and it’s likely why the Titans went for him possibly a little earlier than he should have. The guy is a nice athlete but lacks the intangibles to possibly make a big impact let alone an immediate impact in the NFL.

Scouting reports on Gooden show a gifted athlete that can’t seem to grasp where he needs to be all the time. He has a tendency to overplay runs, can get pushed around by blockers, and can get lost on the field. It’s possible with his speed/size combo that the Titans move him to more of a DE spot and that could suit him well if he can add some strength and learn to stay on the edges to contain running plays but I have my doubts early on. He is going to need some time to develop his instincts and if we have these questions about him after he played in the SEC, it could be rough going for Zaviar in the NFL this year.

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