Maurice Jones-Drew Knocked A Security Guard Out

Maurice Jones-Drew Knocked A Security Guard Out

Jacksonville Jaguars running back, Maurice Jones-Drew, has found himself in some legal trouble after allegedly knocking out a security guard at a restaurant this past Sunday. The incident was said to have occurred around 8pm at the Conch House Restaurant and Marina. According to the police report, MJD struck the guard on the left check as he held a man in a head-lock. The man in the head-lock is said to be a friend of Jones-Drew.

The Jaguars and the NFL offices are aware of the incident but haven’t publicly said anything yet. They are sure to watch as the legal procedure gets underway and if found guilty, Roger Goodell will most certainly handle it with a suspension of some sort.

Maurice only played in 6 games last season after suffering the dreaded Lisfranc foot injury but led the league in rushing during the 2011 season. His outlook to come back strong was generally positive after having such a long time to fully recover.

One things for sure, if you have him in a keeper league and were already wary of holding onto him, this could tip the scales. I know in one of my leagues, this is the very scenario of which I write. Ugh.

Stay tuned.


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