Beanie Wells Makes A Visit To Jacksonville

Beanie Wells Makes A Visit To Jacksonville

There are very few players in the NFL that I loathe more than Chris “Beanie” Wells but today he made the news by getting a visit with the Jacksonville Jaguars. He did get an early look from the Steelers and Bengals back in March but his knee was still an issue and neither team really considered him. And after a lengthy time with no sign of life from the Wells camp, he is getting a look by the Jags. They could use quality depth behind Maurice Jones-Drew if he’s unable to go or has lingering issues with his Lisfranc injury but I don’t think Wells is that guy. If completely healthy, Wells should find a job somewhere but when has Wells been completely healthy?

This visit could also signify that MJD isn’t right himself. Or maybe that they are just preparing for the worst. Maurice also found himself in some legal trouble a week ago after allegedly punching a guard and knocking him out.

I’m sure we’re all on pins and needles waiting for the announcement of a Wells signing.

I know I am.


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