Jets WR Stephen Hill, Dealing With Knee Issues

Jets WR Stephen Hill, Dealing With Knee Issues

Many fantasy pundits were pegging Jets’ wide receiver Stephen Hill as a possible breakout player for 2013 with the addition of QB Geno Smith but apparently his offseason knee surgery isn’t completely healed yet. Hill is going to be an important factor for the offense and saw some swelling this week. The team medical staff has taken a look and found some fluid building up and kept him out of workouts on Wednesday. Hill is expected to take part in the Jets mandatory minicamp next week so we should learn more then.

If he shows up on day one only to not play on day two, this will start to be a legitimate concern. If Hill can make it through the minicamp with no problems then this will just be a blip on his recovery.

For now though it’s a situation to avoid if you are drafting early. Especially with the supposed “QB battle” going on. Personally I think the job goes to Geno Smith outright and it benefits the entire offense. Who knows, even Santonio Holmes could be a useful fantasy WR this season. But don’t confuse what I say with success, because I don’t think the Jets are even a .500 team right now.


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